Medica Stem Cells Clinic is a medical practice that specialises in providing comprehensive Regenerative Medicine treatments. Our team of well-trained and registered doctors provide the best Regenerative Treatments, including Stem Cell Therapy and PRP therapy, for joint injuries, sports injury, managing symptoms of arthritis, osteoarthritis or any other degenerative condition of joints that cause discomfort.

To date, our Medical team have successfully performed more than 3500 procedures using Regenerative Medicine and we treated these patients via injections only.

Stem Cells, Stem Cell Treatments | Regenerative Therapies


Stem Cells are naturally produced by the body and they have the ability to grow, mature and contribute to their surrounding environment (after injection), and repair damaged tissue, tendons, ligaments, cartilage, muscle and even damaged skin.
Stem Cells, Stem Cell Treatments | Regenerative Therapies


Consultant in anesthesia, intensive care and pain management for over 25 years. Registered in the Specialist Division of the Irish Medical Council Registry and the General Medical Council in the UK with practices in Ireland and UK.
Stem Cells, Stem Cell Treatments | Regenerative Therapies


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Conditions We Treat

Choose a same day non-surgical Regenerative therapy and avoid surgery and all the complications associated with it. Regenerative Stem Cells Therapy is a safe walk in and walk out procedure performed under local anaesthesia with a lot shorter post-operative recovery time compared to surgery.
Medica Stem Cells Clinics offer expertise in pain management. Knees and hips are the most common joints treated at our clinics. Stem cell treatment for knee pain and stem cell therapy for hip pain has become quite popular among athletes and older adults who suffer from severe joint pain. Unlike surgery, the recovery time after the Regenerative treatment for knee pain is a lot shorter. A lot of our patients choose hip pain stem cell treatment to avoid lengthy rehabilitation time and complications associated with hip replacement surgery.
Our focus is in the innovative technologies of Regenerative Medicine. And we, at Medica Stem Cells, strive to provide the best stem cell therapy for knees, hips and other joint pains and conditions like osteoarthritis to help manage pain symptoms and promote the healing and regeneration process.

Our Regenerative treatments are available across all our clinics in UK, Ireland and UAE. We provide an easily accessible Stem Cells Treatment in London centre and Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP injections across all our clinics.