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Efficacy and Safety of Regenerative Treatment in Knee Osteoarthritis Patients after COVID-19 Vaccination

Background: COVID-19 disease has gained much attention across the globe due to its quick transmission with a high mortality rate. Although research studies are ongoing to…

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy - Research Paper1

PRP Therapy for
Shoulder Tendinopathy:
A Systematic Review

Are you or your patients undergo shoulder discomfort for an extended period? Rotator cuff tendinopathy (RCT) could be the major common cause then. People may….

BMAC- Adipose Derived Treatment - Research Paper2

BMAC & adipose-derived MSC's
Treatment For Knee osteoarthritis:
A systematic Review

Background: Knee osteoarthritis is the most common musculoskeletal progressive disorder that affects nearly 303 million people worldwide….

BMAC- Adipose Derived Treatment - Research Paper2

Effect of PRP therapy in conjunction
with physical therapy for rotator
cuff tendinopathy

After undergoing conventional treatment modalities, a patient underwent a course of ultrasound guided PRP injection followed by physical therapy….

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Walk a pain-free mile!

Walk a pain-free mile! Walk a pain-free mile! – Opt for our custom orthotic programme Non-invasive, holistic interventions such as physiotherapy, orthotic prescription can enhance

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