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What is BMAC therapy?

BMAC or Bone Marrow Aspirate Concentrate is a commonly used cutting-edge regenerative treatment for accelerating the healing process in soft tissue, ligament and tendon injuries. The BMAC therapy uses regenerative cells present within the patient’s bone marrow. It contains Mesenchymal Stem cells (MSCs), chondrogenic cells and growth factors. This rich concentration can accelerate the healing of damaged tissues and aid in the regrowth of new tissues via paracrine and autocrine pathways.

Sometimes the body’s natural ability to complete healing may be inadequate when an injury occurs. The reason behind this is the lesser secretion and activation of regenerative cells. Bone marrow consists of cells that can reduce inflammation, increase circulation, and restore healthy tissues.

Once the BMAC sample is injected into the affected area, the higher quantity of concentrated regenerative cells in the BMAC accelerates the body’s natural healing mechanism. And it offers quicker healing to the damaged areas.

The clinical and research studies of BMAC therapy have reported enhanced cartilage and tendon function, bone healing, pain relief, improved range of motion, and reduction in joint stiffness.

Furthermore, BMAC therapy may:

  • Treat moderate-to-severe cases of joint osteoarthritis
  • Enhance wound healing
  • Delay the progression of the disease
  • Heal bone fractures

At Medica Stem Cells clinics, BMAC may be used in conjunction with other therapies in joint pain like knee, hip, shoulder pain treatment, arthritis and osteoarthritis treatment, and soft tissue, ligament and tendon injury treatment.

The benefits of BMAC regenerative therapy are:

  • BMAC is a minimally invasive non-surgical procedure
  • It is a natural therapy
  • As BMAC uses your own regenerative cells, there is no risk of adverse side effects
  • Very minimal or no downtime
  • Much faster recovery compared to other conventional surgical treatments
  • BMAC’s regenerative properties can repair injuries and accelerate healing
  • BMAC is one of the best alternatives to surgery
  • May prevent the need for long-term painkillers or cortisone injections

Every patient responds to the BMAC therapy differently depending upon age, the severity of the condition, underlying disease and/or co-morbidities.

A small dressing is placed on the injection and harvest sites until they have healed to keep them clean and prevent infection. The patient may expect slight pain or swelling at the injection and harvest areas in the initial few days after receiving the BMAC injections. These symptoms will begin to resolve on their own over a week.

Post-BMAC therapy, our medical experts will develop a personalized post-therapy rehabilitation program, including nutritional guidelines and physical therapy programs to help in enhancing the results of BMAC therapy.

As this is a natural treatment, you may not see the effects of BMAC treatment immediately as it requires some time to repair the damaged tissues followed by its regeneration. We are suggesting 80% improvement at 4 months in cases of severe arthritis. However, the improvement varies from patient to patient.

Unlike other conventional treatments, BMAC therapy does not mask the symptoms caused by the injury but treats the underlying cause. Hence, BMAC therapy may provide lasting relief from symptoms.

Our medical experts will review your condition to determine if you are a qualified candidate for BMAC therapy. BMAC therapy is generally used in sports injury, joint and ligament injury, and other orthopedic ailment treatments. It is also ideal for patients who want to delay or potentially avoid surgery.

Physicians do not recommend BMAC therapy for patients having the following conditions:

  • Septicemia
  • Platelet dysfunction syndrome
  • Bone cancer
  • Infection
  • Critical thrombocytopenia
  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • On-going chemo or radiotherapy

Find out how Medica Stem Cells treatments can benefit you and if you are a qualified candidate!


BMAC therapy is done under a local anesthetic to numb the skin area for any pain. However, there might be slight discomfort similar to a dentist visit.

Once the local anesthesia effect comes down, the patient might have mild pain or discomfort at the injection and harvest site. However, this discomfort usually resolves on its own within 2-3 days after undergoing BMAC therapy. Mild pain killers can be prescribed if required to manage the pain.

Research studies and peer-reviewed journals reveal that BMAC treatment’s effect may last up to 7 years or more. And to date, there is no research evidence about the occurrence of any adverse complications following BMAC therapy.

Even though BMAC therapy is considered a new regenerative treatment, it has gained considerable recognition in the last few years in the orthopedics field due to its potential benefits, including disease-modifying and regenerative capacity in joints, and muscles, tendons and cartilage.

At first, the physician will examine the patient and perform several diagnostic tests to determine the cause and check if the BMAC therapy is a suitable option for the patient.

Once the physician confirms the treatment option, patients will be instructed to discontinue aspirin or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) 5-7 days before the procedure to get the best possible outcomes. If you are purchasing over-the-counter medication, please always ask the pharmacist to ensure no anti-inflammatories are present. However, DO NOT stop taking any prescription medications before discussing this with your doctor!

Read more here on the effects of Aspirin and NSAIDs in PRP and other cellular treatments.

Since this procedure involves local anesthesia and generally injections in the joint areas, it is advised to accompany the patient to drive them home after the treatment.

After undergoing the BMAC procedure, take a rest for the initial 24-48 hours. You may experience mild pain and discomfort in the injected area. However, these symptoms will resolve by themselves. Do not consume aspirin or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) for two weeks after the BMAC procedure. If required to manage the pain, the physician can prescribe a mild pain killer.

Do not participate in any strenuous or weight-bearing activity that applies direct pressure to your treated joint for the initial two weeks. After 3-4 weeks, you can resume normal walking and light lifting; Any further rehab will be directed by physio and doctor.

Take good care of your treated joint region. Contact the physician right away if you have any queries or concerns.

BMAC therapy may offer lasting results if the patient properly follows post-procedure instructions.

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