“I came to Medica Stem Cells because I was told I needed a knee replacement and that I did not want to do. I wanted to avoid a knee replacement. I went for a consultation with the Doctor in Medica Stem Cells and I had the stem cell treatment on my knee on the 9th of June and I am now pain free and I am no longer taking medication. I was previously relying heavily on Ibuprofen and now I take nothing. No painkillers are needed anymore.

Simple everyday things like Walking up and down the stairs and getting in and out of the car was a big struggle for me before I had my stem cell treatment. I had to watch what I was doing all the time. I am no longer conscious of that. I can bend my knees now and I am back walking pain free. I did a 7 and a half mile walk with my friend last week with total ease and I walk 4 miles every day with my dogs. Before When I would take the dogs for a walk I would be dragging my leg and be in pain after the first half hour.

I did a Zumba class last week and I had absolutely no problems. I can also drive long distances now with no struggle at all. Before after a long distance drive I would be stiff and find it hard to walk and now I have my life back.  I’m back in the gym now again and since I went back I have found my whole leg is much stronger.

I am looking forward to walking the Kimono on the 29th of Sept.”