“My shoulder is feeling great for the first time in years. Working as a Healthcare assistant in a very physical work environment I put my shoulder out about 4 years ago. I had pain symptoms that would cause me to wake up almost every night and often miss Work. I tried Physio, massage, steroid injections you name it all to no avail. I began to give up until I was approached by Dr. Bastawisy in Medica Stem Cell clinic. After a quick and painless procedure in a very professional manner I have never felt better, I’m three months on now and sleeping well and feeling great! I could not recommend highly enough.”

C. Wieneke

“I went for stem cell treatment for arthritis in May as I had severe lower back pain. Within a week I saw a huge improvement the constant pain and tiredness had subsided. I am now 6 weeks in and improving further… I am finally getting my life back. I am practically pain free. I would recommend Gehad and the stem cell treatment as there is no medication involved and he uses your own stem cells.”

G. McDonald