“I came to Medica Stem Cells because I was told I needed a knee replacement and that I did not want to do. I wanted to avoid a knee replacement. I went for a consultation with the Doctor in Medica Stem Cells and I had the stem cell treatment on my knee on the 9th of June and I am now pain free and I am no longer taking medication. I was previously relying heavily on Ibuprofen and now I take nothing. No painkillers are needed anymore.

Simple everyday things like Walking up and down the stairs and getting in and out of the car was a big struggle for me before I had my stem cell treatment. I had to watch what I was doing all the time. I am no longer conscious of that. I can bend my knees now and I am back walking pain free. I did a 7 and a half mile walk with my friend last week with total ease and I walk 4 miles every day with my dogs. Before When I would take the dogs for a walk I would be dragging my leg and be in pain after the first half hour.

I did a Zumba class last week and I had absolutely no problems. I can also drive long distances now with no struggle at all. Before after a long distance drive I would be stiff and find it hard to walk and now I have my life back.  I’m back in the gym now again and since I went back I have found my whole leg is much stronger.

I am looking forward to walking the Kimono on the 29th of Sept.”


A. O’Connor

“My husband Oscar went to the clinic in Cork for stem cell treatment on his knee 2 days!!! Before he was due to go for knee replacement surgery – he couldn’t sleep, was on huge medication & in constant pain. We went in and in about 3 hours walked out again – FINISHED. He’s had no pain hardly & he is walking around, still tender if he turns the wrong way on his knee but it’s only been 2 months, apparently it takes 6 months to totally re – generate the cartilage. But he is totally pain free & very, very happy he went.
Very professional people who are interested & concerned on how he is progressing – I intend to book straight away for anti-aging treatment – if that’s what they can do for people in severe pain my wrinkles should be no problem.“


“I had my stem cell in treatment this morning. I was put at ease from the moment I arrived by Amy, the consultants assistant, such a lovely girl. Amy made me very welcome with her warm personality. I was then introduced to the consultant and found that he was such a nice man who put me at ease and answered any questions I had. I knew this was the procedure for me as I could go back to my daily life after procedure and I found the consultant to be ever so nice and genuine and easy to talk to. The procedure took 40 minutes I had both my knees treated. It was over before I realised and the consultant made sure I was comfortable at all times . Thank you so much to the consultant his assistant and the lovely Amy. Now it’s recovery time – no open surgery, no crutches.Thank you again to a very professional consultant and his team.”

J. O’Sullivan

“I have being getting my knees and back injected for the last 12/13 yrs. Injection may last a week. I kept being told to hold on to my knees for as long as I could. I had no quality of life. My knees and back were affected due to a simple fall and my hip had to be replaced 10 years ago. I was in constant pain. No medication worked for me. I put on weight due to lack of exercise. I am twice my size now.. I heard about Dr.Gehad in the Elysian Clinic. I went to see him for a free consultation (though whether it was free or not, I was still going) I had my x ray a few days later and on last Friday 24th i had The Stem Cell Treatment done. I know that it’s only a few days but I have no pain since. I have taken it easy since Friday but I’m out today. Dr. Gehad is such a pleasant gentleman, his staff, Amy, Lydia and Hannah could not have been nicer to me. I know it can take up to 6 months for full healing process, but worth it. I am so happy to have taken this step. I will be 60 in July and hopefully for me 60 will be the new 40. Thank you all once again for your care and attention. Carmelo“

C. Halligan