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Our non surgical knee pain treatment may offer an unconventional alternative to knee surgery or knee replacement.
At Medica, we provide minimally invasive non surgical knee pain treatment procedures. Treatments provide long-lasting relief from symptoms with minimal downtime and enhance recovery within a short period using your own body’s healing power to treat knee arthritis and knee-related injuries. Our patients benefit from reduced pain and enhanced functionality of the knee without undergoing surgery or knee replacement.

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How knee replacement alternatives revitalize your knee joint without surgery?

Imagine climbing the stairs where your knee catches and buckles with severe ache. What happens if you fall unexpectedly and if you are unable to get up? You may not be ready to consult a physician as you would have seen your relatives spent more on procedures that did not prove to be effective.

No worries! We are here to help you understand your natural healing mechanism through best treatment for knee pain. It is time to get back to your active life without knee surgery!

Before we go through the potential knee problems and treatment, let us know the anatomy and working mechanism of the knee joint.


The knee joint is composed of bones, tendons, ligaments, cartilage and bursal sac. All these parts work with coordination to help us walk, jump, and bend down.

Bones: There are three types of bones in the knee, namely femur, tibia, and patella. The knee joint connects the tibia (shin bone) and the femur (thigh bone), including a protective bony cover named patella (kneecap). Femur and tibia end as a rounded protuberance named condyle, which forms the part of the knee joint.

Knee cartilage is otherwise called as the knee meniscus. There are two types of knee meniscus, namely medial (inside) and lateral (outside). It is located between the femur and the tibia. It helps in distributing the body weight and protects the bones from friction.

Tendons connect bone to muscle. There are two types of tendons, namely quadriceps tendon and patellar tendon. The quadriceps tendon connects the patella to the large thigh muscle named quadriceps muscle. The patellar tendon attaches to the tibia.

Ligaments hold bones or cartilage together. There are two types of ligaments, namely anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) and the posterior cruciate ligament (PCL). ACL lies at the front part of the knee joint while PCL lies at the back. They hold femur and tibia together to stabilize the knee joint.

Bursa sac consists of lubricating fluid that remains as a cushion between the bones in the knee joint to reduce friction.

Imagine a door that opens and closes with the help of a hinge. Similarly, the knee joint is considered as a flexible hinge that aids in mobility. You can normally move your leg in front-to-back and side-to-side motion. In case of improper joint movement due to worn-out shoes or trauma, acute knee injuries may occur.

Similarly, the knee is also considered as the weight-bearing joint. It is the knee joint that balances a person’s weight. In the case of obesity, excess pressure falls on the knee joint, which may lead to cartilage damage, degeneration, or wear and tear.

Varied knee problems that cause knee joint pain and the associated symptoms like stiffness, tenderness, restricted range of motion, swelling, cracking noise include:

  • Knee bursitis (Bursa inflammation)
  • Tendonitis (Tendon inflammation)
  • Osteoarthritis (degenerative knee joint disease)
  • Torn meniscus (cartilage wear and tear)
  • Knee ligament tear (ACL/PCL injury)
  • Knee bone spur
  • Fracture/sprained knee
  • Iliotibial band (ITB) syndrome – Knee pain due to worn-out or poorly fitting shoes
  • Hamstring injury (Tear of the tendons or muscles at the back of the thigh)
  • Other sports-related injuries such as athlete injury, football or soccer injury

Pain and associated symptoms become worse during the rainy season, in the mornings, and after prolonged sitting.

Knee pain treatment includes both surgical and non-surgical knee joint pain treatment procedures which aim to improve the strength and function of joints by controlling the symptoms and avoid further joint damage. Initial treatment includes home remedies that focus on limiting the activities that may aggravate the symptoms. Hence, a knee pain specialist or a physicians recommend R.I.C.E. Formula (Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation) as a home treatment for knee pain solution.

  • Rest: Wear knee pads for extra cushion effect and avoid putting any extra pressure by leaning on the knees. This activity modification step can help reduce pain and inflammation.
  • Ice therapy: Apply ice therapy on the injured knees 2-3 times for 10-20 minutes per day to reduce symptoms. But remember not to apply ice directly on the skin. Place a cloth between the ice and the affected area to stay away from getting an ice-burn.
  • Compression: Wear an elastic compression bandage around the affected part to alleviate the swelling.
  • Elevation: Place the affected knee above the height of your heart to reduce inflammation

Activity modification such as reducing activities like knee bending and climbing stairs may helpin preventing the condition from getting worse. Physicians may recommend physical therapy, muscle strengthening exercises, or using assistive devices like canes, once you are relieved from knee pain.

Medications such as analgesics aim to reduce the pain, and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) helps in reducing pain and inflammation. But its consumption for a long time leads to potential side effects including heart, gastrointestinal, and kidney problems [3].

Administration of corticosteroid injections into the knee provides short-term relief for only 1-3 weeks by reducing inflammation, but they have systemic and local adverse side effects.

Surgical methods include joint distraction, knee arthroscopy, knee osteotomy, knee bone spur surgery, meniscus surgery, and partial or total joint replacement. A best doctor for knee pain in Ahmedabad may recommend these options if non-surgical methods do not yield any improvement. But joint replacement surgery is only considered as the last resort since it requires a prolonged duration of rehabilitation post-surgery to regain flexibility and strength.

Your body can heal by itself. That is the motto of knee pain solution. Let us see how the body heals.

If you cut your finger, it bleeds. It then forms a scab like structure. Ultimately, it is the healing cell beneath the scab that seals the injury and stop the bleeding. Similarly, your body can also examine the signs of damage and repair them using its healing cells.

knee pain treatment without surgery provides long-lasting relief from the symptoms with minimal downtime and enhances recovery within a short period. knee treatment without surgery has no side effects since the injection involves your blood. So, there is no chance of rejection or cross-transmission of disease.

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