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Enhanced PRP Therapy for Acne Scars Treatment

Restore your flawless radiance with Enhanced PRP therapy. The growth factor present in Enhanced PRP injections stimulates collagen and elastin production. The newly formed collagen and elastin lighten the acne scars giving you a naturally flawless, radiant and smooth skin.

With the cosmetic industry in the boom, everybody is under constant pressure to look their best. The acne scars can be very distressing, sometimes even reducing a person’s confidence. Acne is most prevalent among adolescents, and the possible outcome of acne are scars. Acne scars are usually very stressful in young adults and may lead to some mental conditions too. The cause of acne is not well known, but the pimples and pustules mostly occur when hair follicles get clogged with oil and dead skin cells. Acne mainly affects the face, chest, back and shoulders. Even if treated early and appropriately, it still can leave scars in its distribution, causing distress to the affected individual.

There are several types of acne scars and different treatment methods to manage them. The conventional treatment methods to treat acne scar includes laser resurfacing, laser treatment, dermabrasion, skin peels, micro-needling, fat grafting, facial fillers and surgery.

All these treatment methods have their advantages and disadvantages. The appearance of acne scar is reduced in a few treatment procedures, by literally cutting the scar out.

Enhanced PRP or Enhanced Enhanced Platelet Rich Plasma, a commonly used treatment method for acne scars and has promising results. This 100% natural treatment method is an autologous transplant, where the donor and the recipient are the same.

Can Enhanced PRP help with acne scars?

PRP treatment is a scientifically proven procedure for the treatment of acne scars.  And the results after the injections are excellent. There are various studies available online showing the efficacy of PRP treatment for acne scar treatment. (Available online on PubMed for you to read.) Enhanced PRP injections are a boom for cosmetic industry as the results are very significant with hardly any downtime. This 100% natural treatment is very safe and minimally invasive.

How does Enhanced PRP treatment work for acne scars?

For the PRP treatment, the Consultant first collects a blood sample from the patient’s veins. The sample then goes through a centrifuge procedure to separate red blood cells from platelet-rich plasma. Once differentiated, the plasma-rich solution is obtained, it is injected back into or underneath the scar to promote healing and repair. The Enhanced PRP or Enhanced Enhanced Platelet Rich Plasma injections are rich in growth factors, mesenchymal stem cells, and cytokines. These biological materials act as a precursor to heal and repair damaged or lost tissues irrespective of their location in the body. The Enhanced PRP injections, when injected beneath the skin, initiates the regeneration of new cells, collagen and elastin.

Enhanced PRP therapy, along with micro-needling has excellent results when it comes for treatment of acne scar. The treatment initially causes break-down of scarred skin area and the old accumulation of collagen that previously formed the scar and followed by the production of new collagen. This new collagen gives the skin a much smoother and healthier appearance reducing the appearance of acne scarring or making them invisible.

Despite good results, Enhanced PRP injections are not suitable for all types of scars. Your Consultant will advise you on the best possible treatment plan for your case. The treatment method also depends on the size and depth of the injury, along with various other factors. According to several studies, Enhanced PRP or Enhanced Platelet-Rich Plasma is a well-tolerated and effective treatment for acne scars without any severe side effects.

What are the top Benefits of Enhanced PRP Therapy for acne scar treatment?

With so many treatment options available for the treatment of acne scars, you may be wondering what benefits make Enhanced PRP stand out better than the rest of the conventional treatment procedures.

The top benefits of Enhanced PRP treatment include:

Minimal invasive procedure: 

The minimally invasive, non-surgical Enhanced PRP treatment is an outpatient procedure and takes only a few hours.

Minimal downtime after the procedure: 

The downtime to see improvement after Enhanced PRP therapy is shorter when compared to other treatment methods.

Improved acne scarring:

PRP treatment, when coupled with the micro-needling technique, gives good results as proven by various studies.

No risk of rejection or transmitting infection:

Since Enhanced PRP involves an autologous transplant, there is no risk of rejection from the immune system. Also, there is no risk of cross-transmission of disease. However, a small risk of contracting an infection at the site of injection is present. The risk is minimized by performing the procedure under sterile conditions.

When do I See Results? What can I expect after Enhanced PRP therapy for acne?

Since Enhanced PRP therapy is an orthobiological treatment, it requires some time for the generation of new collagen and elastin. Once new cells begin to form the old scar tissue start to dissociate, and you begin to see improvement. After the procedure, the Consultant will advise you to keep away from the sun for a few days. Rubbing and picking the face is also not advisable after the treatment for a few days. Some patients complain of swelling, redness, or signs of minor inflammation at the site of the needle after the procedure. Cold compress efficiently manages these symptoms.

Usually, three sessions of Enhanced PRP injections at an interval of two months are typically necessary. However, the Consultant will suggest the number of sessions and the intervals between them. The frequency of the sittings is based on various factors. The factors include the size and severity of the scar, along with other factors. After the treatment, you can follow up with the Consultant for maintenance sessions if required.


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