Medica Stem Cells Clinic is a medical practice that specialises in providing comprehensive regenerative medicine treatments.

To date our Medical team have performed more than 3500 procedures in Orthopedic field using Regenerative Medicine to treat these patients via injections only. We performed about 80 procedures in treatment of cartilage defect of larger joints (including cartilage reconstruction with autologous jelly graft) with success rate about 85%. It means that 85% returned to previous level of physical activity with no complaints or difficulties.

These procedures were always followed with Orthopedics, Neurorehabilitation and specific Rehabilitation for the person through custom defined physiotherapy.

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Stem Cells are naturally produced by the body and they have the ability to grow, mature and contribute to their surrounding environment (after injection), and repair damaged tissue, tendons, ligaments, cartilage, muscle and even damaged skin.
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Consultant in anesthesia, intensive care and pain management for over 25 years. Registered in the Specialist Division of the Irish Medical Council Registry and the General Medical Council in the UK with practices in Ireland and UK.
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