S. Wilkins

“Had a wonderful experience with Medica Stem Cells. They have wonderful staff and fantastic results after treatment to knee and neck. Can’t thank you all enough and will pop in again soon to say hello. So delighted I tried this and would certainly recommend this treatment to anyone especially as pain relief and surgery avoidance. Consultant is a fantastic Doctor and he makes you feel so comfortable. Emma is also brilliant.”


“Great staff. Treated my family member for a knee problem and the results were amazing. They were due a knee replacement surgery after being told by the surgeon that this was the only option left. He got treated by Medica Stem Cells and now the pain is completely gone and he is not taking any more medication and he has cancelled the knee replacement surgery. I would recommend their treatments to anyone. If you are thinking of getting a knee replacement you should go to Medica Stem Cells before you do this. I have also heard of other people who have cancelled their knee replacement surgery after being treated by Medica Stem Cells. 7 Star service and the Doctor is very compassionate. Well done Medica Stem Cells.”

A. Bermingham

“I had both my knees and my right thumb treated at Medica Stem Cells in September 2018. I had my knees redone because they were so bad. My thumb is brilliant the trigger thumb pain I suffered from is now completely gone. My knees are now great and I am now back gardening without a bother. I still follow Consultant’s advice and do not overdo it. I highly recommend this treatment but please listen to all the advice you are given. It’s your chance of a great new future. Thanks so much.”

K. Keneally

‘’Since I had my treatment at Medica Stem Cells, my hips are pain free.

The cartilage had been so depleted that it was very difficult for me to bend down or squat. I had great difficulty picking up our baby and taking her from the cot was a big issue too.

I can now do a deep squat easily and I no longer struggle with lifting my child. I can sleep pain free now as well. I used to have to sleep with my legs straight for years. The pain used to keep me awake and I am sleeping pain free now.

I used to have pain every day when I was walking. The range of movement and quality of my life has massively improved. I no longer need to stretch for 30 minutes every night to try and ease the pain.

I am delighted and it has only been a very short time since I have had my treatment. ‘’

J. Ali

“I had regenerative cell therapy on January 23rd, 2019 for my arthritic hip, and five weeks later I really felt the benefit. I need little or no analgesia and day by day my mobility is improving. I found the whole experience very good, the staff and medical practitioners were very professional”

O. Hogan (73 years old)

‘’I’m 73 and on 27th of November I got regenerative treatment on my hip, instead of a hip replacement. Since having this treatment, I do not need to take any pain killers for pain. I’m back swimming and doing aerobics classes. I’m back walking 10 thousand steps a day. I’m feeling very good in myself. Before this treatment I was limited in my daily activities such as sleep, walking, bending over, this is not the case anymore. I have recommended this treatment to others. Adding that the Doctor is a lovely, honest, very polite man and easy to speak to. ‘’

Patient testimonial

“In 2012 after having an arthroscopy on my left knee and told I needed a knee replacement but was too young, I was more or less left in constant pain. While I understood the reasons given for not wanting to do the replacement at 49 yrs. old it did not auger well. For the next few years I got through the pain with the help of pain killers and anti-inflammatory medication. In the summer of 2018 a chance meeting with a friend led me to Medica Stem Cells. After a consultation and MRI, I had my procedure at Medica Stem Cells done in 2018. After three days the constant pain had subsided and after three months I am back walking. I would highly recommend having this procedure. I advise that you take heed of all the advice that the consultant gives and take things easy even if you feel instant pain relief. I am no longer walking with a limp and feel my knee getting stronger each day. A big thank you to all the staff at Medical Stem Cells. All so friendly and helpful.”

M. Murphy

“It is now five months since I had regenerative cell injections to both knees. The results are impressive. I have not had any pain after the first few days. I am exercising in the swimming pool three times a week and keeping active. I am hopeful that there will be further improvement over the next few months. My quality of life has improved greatly and I can now walk for over two miles without any problem. I would recommend this treatment.”


M. Hogan

“I came to Medica Stem Cells because I had tendonitis in my hamstring and also shoulder tendonitis. I was taking a lot of painkillers for the pain. The pain was ongoing in my left hamstring for over 6 years. Doctor at Medica Stem Cells told me he could help me and also help me avoid the need for an invasive surgery.

He gave me two injections into my hamstring and injected my shoulder too. I am able to do my strength work now again at the gym since he treated me. The injections were 10 months ago and I am feeling good. No more painkillers.”

M. O'Riordain

“I had cell treatment done on my lower back and I am very happy with the results. I can now walk around pain free and I can keep up with my grand kids! I am just back from a few days in Killarney with my family and I was delighted that I had no pain in my back and I could go about the day actively. I would recommend this treatment. I am delighted with my results!”

A. Gill

“Consultant is very professional and re-assuring and I have a lot of confidence in him. He explains the procedure and the treatment very well. I came to Medica Stem Cells because I had issues with my joints, my muscles and overall performance especially in the gym. I received two treatments in London Clinic and since I received my treatment I feel it has enhanced my performance of my whole body. I feel better in exercising in the gym and generally feel a lot better both physiologically and my general mood has improved. My muscles feel so much better especially after a gym workout. I started to feel a lot better only after three weeks. I would recommend Medica Stem Cells to anyone. They are amazing.”

M. McLaughlin

“Before the treatment I was in constant pain in my right wrist and also in both my left and right thumb. It has been a few months since my treatment and now I am feeling a huge improvement in my knee, wrists and thumbs.
In the past I could not drive much at all because the pain in my thumbs was so bad. They are now much better and I can feel that they are still improving even more. For the first ten weeks I could actually feel improvement daily.
I am still progressing. I can feel improvement regularly. I am very happy. “

J. Hanratty (69 years old)

“I had severe arthritis on my left knee. I was advised by a GP to have a cell injection. Since treatment I have had great improvement with mobility. I am now back cycling it has changed my life. My pain has gone. I came to the clinic on crutches. I had to rely on a walking stick. Since my treatment I do not require any walking aids. I would highly recommend this treatment, Medica Stem Cells and the staff.”

B. Cotter

“I tore a meniscus in my knee in January of 2017 and spent the following year going to Physio, after many sessions later my knee and my leg muscles just never strengthened up, I favoured my other leg to the extent I had noticeable muscle difference between them; there was a constant clicking in my knee and I could not walk for more than 30 minutes. I came to Medica Stem Cells in October of 2018 and felt a difference in the first few week after my treatment. I am now able to walk for longer periods of time and can bend down without fear of my knee giving out. The staff are professional and Medica Stem Cells is a visionary in the treatment they offer, I would highly recommend investigating this procedure before any intrusive surgery options.”


D. Elliot

“It is only early days yet since I have been treated. However, I am starting to feel a difference. I can now walk twice the distance compared to before I had the treatment. I had my left knee treated with Medica Stem Cells. My walking and posture has improved. There is no bad sharp shooting pain when I am walking. I can also bend my knee now almost fully with no cracking noise. I used to take 8 paracetamol tablets a day and know I don’t feel the need for them. I can now sleep pain free.”

C. Maguire

“The procedure was virtually painless, done very efficiently noticed results within first week and each week improving almost pain free at week four. Staff very friendly and efficient would recommend to any on my situation 100% happy with decision money well spent. Thank You C. Maguire”

D. O'Connell

Knee Pain & Loss of Cartilage & Facing Knee Replacement Surgery

“I’ve had injections to both knees and am delighted with the results. Before the injection I had severe pain in both knees after many years of training and football injuries I thought I was facing surgery and possible knee replacements. After 3 months I am back exercising and am pain free for the first time in 10 years.Thanks, D. O’Connell”



Two Knee Pains & Meniscal Tear & Arthritis

“So as  a tiler I was in a  lot of pain with my knees. And was become unbearable to work. Walking any long distance was not an option. And walking down stairs was a hugh effort. Since my injecton this has greatly improved. I’m back to work a few days and am pain free. And walking down stairs has become normal again.Thanks, T. Hyland “

M. Spratt

Google Review

“On my initial visit to the Clinic , I was greeted with a warm welcome and a cup of Quality Coffee ( complimentary ) followed by an in depth discussion with a Doctor who listened patiently and explained the options I had in fine detail , I considered my visit as enlightening and time well spent and I would recommend this treatment to anyone like myself who may be uneasy with Pharmaceuticals and the constant threat of side effects from the continuous use of them , it’s a viable alternative to the NHS Production Line!”

Patient testimonial

“I saw Consultant at Medica Stem Cells and after a long conversation I decided to go ahead with the Regenerative treatment. I was put very much as ease by Aimee on arrival. I asked everything I needed to & because of an accident in 1997 where I had upper body injuries when my knee swelled up & pain was vicious my GP after a few months of medication referred me to an Orthopaedic consultant who did an Arthroscopy.  It was successful for some time, but I had been told within 2 years I would need a knee replacement.  This scared me as I knew my other injuries would make it a hard recovery. After my treatment was done I was told to rest but with exercises & shown how to walk when necessary.. By Day 8 pain had reduced considerably & by day 10 I was pain free. I used a small pedalling device 3 times a day as I had no muscle in upper thigh & exercises I was shown. I returned for my second appointment and Consultant was delighted with my movement. My knee swelled one day & I did not take anti-inflammatory medication as was instructed. It left again. I am finally sleeping which was impossible to do with the violent pain the last year. I am finally able to move around without pain. I only wish all pain could be helped in this way.”

P. Collins

“I came to Medica Stem Cells when my friend highly recommended them to me. I had a stroke 8 years ago and I had terrible neck and shoulder pain. I had my treatment with Medica Stem Cells 3 months ago and I now feel fantastic. I was taking pain killers on a very regular basis and now I am pain free and I do not need to take any pain killers. The treatment was 100% successful. Everybody was very pleasant. The consultant was a gentleman and very nice to deal. Regards, P. Collins”