N. Crowley

Medicastemcells regenerative stem cells clinic reviews

My journey to Medica was for a second opinion, at 46 being told you need a knee replacement is a hard pill to swallow so I went to Medica for a second opinion.

Firstly my cartilages were too far damaged to be repaired, but a fisher crack was detected which was explaining the pain at the top of my patella, this was missed by my first consultant and I was told it was arthritis.

I’m am so glad I got a second opinion and look forward to being able to take the stairs and exercise pain free.

Andrew P

Medicastemcells regenerative stem cells clinic reviews

I had a bad pain in my shoulder for over 2 years. Went to see Medica clinic and after speaking to the doctor, decided to go ahead with the treatment. Few days after the treatment, I could feel a huge improvement in motion range. After 1 month, my pain was completely gone, could move my shoulder freely and resume training. Thank you all staff at Medica Stem Cells.

S. Cuffe

Medicastemcells regenerative stem cells clinic reviews

I recommend Medica Stem Cells to anyone suffering with bad pain and taking medication for it.

J. Tracey

Medicastemcells regenerative stem cells clinic reviews

I went to this Medica Stem Cells because I had a lot of pain in my left knee, and it had internal damage. I was on a lot of painkillers Solpadeine and Difene. On most of the days, I was finding it difficult to walk upstairs and putting pressure on my knee.

I went to Medica Stem Cells and had the treatment just over a year ago now. And since then I have been totally pain free, and I am just really delighted I had it done. It was well worth going through the procedure and the money I spent to have it done. I highly recommend Medica Stem Cells. Thank you very much.

P. Nagle

Medicastemcells regenerative stem cells clinic reviews

My treatment day at the clinic all went very smoothly. All staff and doctor were very nice and kind. Everything was explained clearly as it went along. All my treatment was finished in an hour and a half, and my overall experience was excellent.


Medicastemcells regenerative stem cells clinic reviews

I’m 35 years old male suffering from long-standing chondromalacia patellae in both knees. I found Medica Stem Cells online and decided to try this biological therapy. Honestly, I’ve had heard stem cells had been used with good results in the past years and sound promising trying it.

Clinic level of attention and care has been great since the beginning when I contacted them. Staff members and doctors have been available and always ready to respond to all my queries regarding the treatment and recovery process. They also linked me with the physiotherapy team familiar with this treatment to facilitate recovery.

It’s been only 2 weeks since treatment. Treatment is done in one day, in my case few hours. Frankly, it’s not pleasurable, and you feel a bit of pain when doing the bone marrow extraction, but it’s nothing if it does its work afterwards. It’s painful for a few seconds, but the staff really support you during the whole process very well.

At the moment I’m complying with physiotherapy. It’s still early days for me to assess how the treatment has worked on me. It takes a couple of months. Hopefully, everything goes well with my treatment, and more people benefit from this non invasive treatment.

Best wishes,


Azmna Desmoro

Medicastemcells regenerative stem cells clinic reviews

“I heard about the regenerative cell treatment through a search on the internet and the fact that this treatment was used in the States and Canada.
I found the Medica Pain Management site when searching for the treatment.
I felt it was worth a try as my knee was severely damaged and was unable to walk and very much in pain, which was very disgusting.
I got my treatment in July 2019, and the initial relief was good. The pain was greatly reduced and eight months down the road, I have been able to function and play my sport Golf. I walked on the golf course with a slight limp, and I do not take any pain killers.
I would have appreciated a little more support from similar patients for encouragement.
I did all my research for rehabilitation procedure myself.
After treatment follow up was very good, and the team responded very well to my needs and issues.
Kind regards,

Mrs K. Nwe

Medicastemcells regenerative stem cells clinic reviews

“I received treatment for my left knee. I couldn’t bend properly or go up the stairs. I received the treatment in London in May 2019. It is now 28 October 2019 and I have no pain and I am off all medication. No pain killers needed anymore. I was taking Co-codamol pain killers 4 times per day. After 1 month I completely stopped taking all pain killers.

It has been a great success for me, I am very thankful to Doctor and the team at Medica Pain Management. I don’t need knee replacement surgery now which I did not want to do. I am so happy with my regenerative treatment for knee.

I would advise anyone to come and do this treatment as it is amazing.”


Medicastemcells regenerative stem cells clinic reviews

“I came to Medica Pain Management because I had terrible pain in both my hips. I was diagnosed with arthritis in both of my hip joints. I had very limited range of movement in my hips and I was taking painkillers for the pain also.

Since I had my treatment I am feeling a huge improvement. I can move so much better and I am pain free. I no longer need to take painkillers. I am very happy with the results of the treatment that I had with Medica Pain Management. I would highly recommend anyone to go for this over getting a hip replacement!”

Rebecca G.

Medicastemcells regenerative stem cells clinic reviews

“I had my treatment only 1 month ago and I have noticed a huge improvement. I feel less pain and a huge increase in my range of movement. I now have much better flexibility in my hip. I am delighted! I can also sleep so much better and more comfortably and I have less stiffness getting in and out of bed in the morning!

It takes 6 months for the full regenerative effect to take place so I am looking forward to the future for even more progress with my hip.

The positive changes in my hip since having this treatment are remarkable. I also now no longer need to take all the pain killers I used to rely on.”

T. Burke

Medicastemcells regenerative stem cells clinic reviews

“I came to Medica Pain Management because I did not want to get a knee replacement. I had my right knee replaced and it was extremely painful and invasive. I had regenerative cell treatment on my right knee and it is now pain free! The treatment took two hours and it was very non-invasive.

Before I went for the treatment I was living on pain killers because the pain was unbearable in my left knee. I no longer need to take pain killers. I can get a full night’s sleep. I can walk pain free and cycle pain free. I am absolutely delighted. My mood has been lifted and I am very happy I did not go for the replacement and I would recommend everyone to choose this therapy.”

J. McKiernan

Medicastemcells regenerative stem cells clinic reviews

“I got my injection in February 5 months later I can honestly say my leg is great. I was advised to get an knee replacement by my surgeon I originally had my right knee replaced and was never happy and wanted to avoid getting a knee replacement .I was lucky to find Medica Pain Management and delighted to say my knee is great. After all the years of pain I’m walking pain free in my right leg the other leg I wish I’d heard about regenerative cells before I got it done. I am no longer taking pain killers and I am looking forward to completing the ring of Kerry cycle.”

S. Wilkins

Medicastemcells regenerative stem cells clinic reviews

“Had a wonderful experience with Medica Pain Management. They have wonderful staff and fantastic results after treatment to knee and neck. Can’t thank you all enough and will pop in again soon to say hello. So delighted I tried this and would certainly recommend this treatment to anyone especially as pain relief and surgery avoidance. Consultant is a fantastic Doctor and he makes you feel so comfortable. Emma is also brilliant.”


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Medicastemcells regenerative stem cells clinic reviews

“Great staff. Treated my family member for a knee problem and the results were amazing. They were due a knee replacement surgery after being told by the surgeon that this was the only option left. He got treated by Medica Pain Management and now the pain is completely gone and he is not taking any more medication and he has cancelled the knee replacement surgery. I would recommend their treatments to anyone. If you are thinking of getting a knee replacement you should go to Medica Pain Management before you do this. I have also heard of other people who have cancelled their knee replacement surgery after being treated by Medica Pain Management. 7 Star service and the Doctor is very compassionate. Well done Medica Pain Management.”

A. Bermingham

Medicastemcells regenerative stem cells clinic reviews

“I had both my knees and my right thumb treated at Medica Pain Management in September 2018. I had my knees redone because they were so bad. My thumb is brilliant the trigger thumb pain I suffered from is now completely gone. My knees are now great and I am now back gardening without a bother. I still follow Consultant’s advice and do not overdo it. I highly recommend this treatment but please listen to all the advice you are given. It’s your chance of a great new future. Thanks so much.”

K. Keneally

Medicastemcells regenerative stem cells clinic reviews

‘’Since I had my treatment at Medica Pain Management, my hips are pain free.

The cartilage had been so depleted that it was very difficult for me to bend down or squat. I had great difficulty picking up our baby and taking her from the cot was a big issue too.

I can now do a deep squat easily and I no longer struggle with lifting my child. I can sleep pain free now as well. I used to have to sleep with my legs straight for years. The pain used to keep me awake and I am sleeping pain free now.

I used to have pain every day when I was walking. The range of movement and quality of my life has massively improved. I no longer need to stretch for 30 minutes every night to try and ease the pain.

I am delighted and it has only been a very short time since I have had my treatment. ‘’

J. Ali

Medicastemcells regenerative stem cells clinic reviews

“I had regenerative cell therapy on January 23rd, 2019 for my arthritic hip, and five weeks later I really felt the benefit. I need little or no analgesia and day by day my mobility is improving. I found the whole experience very good, the staff and medical practitioners were very professional”

O. Hogan (73 years old)

Medicastemcells regenerative stem cells clinic reviews

‘’I’m 73 and on 27th of November I got regenerative treatment on my hip, instead of a hip replacement. Since having this treatment, I do not need to take any pain killers for pain. I’m back swimming and doing aerobics classes. I’m back walking 10 thousand steps a day. I’m feeling very good in myself. Before this treatment I was limited in my daily activities such as sleep, walking, bending over, this is not the case anymore. I have recommended this treatment to others. Adding that the Doctor is a lovely, honest, very polite man and easy to speak to.‘’

Patient testimonial

Medicastemcells regenerative stem cells clinic reviews

“In 2012 after having an arthroscopy on my left knee and told I needed a knee replacement but was too young, I was more or less left in constant pain. While I understood the reasons given for not wanting to do the replacement at 49 yrs. old it did not auger well. For the next few years I got through the pain with the help of pain killers and anti-inflammatory medication. In the summer of 2018 a chance meeting with a friend led me to Medica Pain Management. After a consultation and MRI, I had my procedure at Medica Pain Management done in 2018. After three days the constant pain had subsided and after three months I am back walking. I would highly recommend having this procedure. I advise that you take heed of all the advice that the consultant gives and take things easy even if you feel instant pain relief. I am no longer walking with a limp and feel my knee getting stronger each day. A big thank you to all the staff at Medical Stem Cells. All so friendly and helpful.”

O. Elsayed

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Medicastemcells regenerative stem cells clinic reviews

“Great experience, and a really good service, already feeling the difference in my Knee.”

Patient testimonial

Medicastemcells regenerative stem cells clinic reviews

“Having been told in 2012 that I required two full knee replacements due to “wear & tear” and that the situation was “bone on bone” I started to research alternative methods of treatment as I knew a lot of people who had severe problems following knee surgery. I discovered that in USA Stem Cell therapy was getting popular and then found one clinic in London doing this. I then, to my delight, found that in Cork Medica Pain Management was up and running. My wife & I drove the 6 hours to Cork from our home in Groomsport on 15th June 2018, stayed in a nice Hotel and found the Clinic the next morning. It was there that I first met the consultant and I was immediately impressed by his knowledge of my condition. He reviewed MRI scans which I had brought with me and confirmed that he felt that I was a suitable candidate for treatment and he went over the procedure very carefully with both of us. He asked when I wanted to have it done & I indicated that I had not driven all that way for a chat! He smiled, looked at his watch and suggested 2pm (my kind of Doctor).

The only painful bit of the procedure was having the bone marrow removed but no pain – no gain! The got injected into my knees & I walked out half an hour later.

I had been warned by the consultant that the first few days could be painful, but that did not transpire and I feel the procedure has helped me. I had to restrict dog walking, gardening, long walks and stairs for one month, but am now back to walking several miles every day and back to badminton.

I went for my 3 months review and he felt that both knees had progressed but the left one (the worse one of the two) had not come as far as he would like. He immediately offered to do both knees again free of charge which impressed me as I had signed a form stating that nothing was guaranteed. He assured me that even though he was very busy he would slot me in when it suited me, if I wanted to avail of his offer.

The second procedure was about the same pain-wise as the initial one but got the impression that the consultant was determined to get as much into my knees as possible.

I had a review on 15 November 2018 and consultant seemed very pleased with my progress. He said that I was not available for selection against the All Blacks this Saturday but that I could build up the walking to about 5 miles a day and could gradually resume the badminton. I was delighted with this progress.

All of Medica Pain Management staff and assistants were very courteous, friendly and helpful and nothing is too much trouble for them. My own GP has also been written to with the results of the procedure.

I would encourage anyone in my situation to seriously consider the regenerative treatment route as there are many advantages: no chance of infection, no chance of rejection, off your feet very little time and cost effective to name but some.”

Patient testimonial

Medicastemcells regenerative stem cells clinic reviews

“I have had problems with both my knees for at least 5 or 6 years now. I had an arthroscopy on one knee plus the fact that I have had arthritis in both knees and was told that I would need knee replacements within 3/4 years or there about. I saw Medica Pain Management advertise online and I said this looks good and makes more sense to give it a try rather than having two knee replacements which may or may not be a success. So I’ve had both knees injected with Medica Pain Management about 5/6 weeks ago respectively and as instructed, I took it easy for the first month afterwards and I have been doing quite a bit of activity over last week, ten days. Certainly I have noticed a big improvement, no pain in one knee and very little in the other so I’m hoping that as time progresses I will be able to do more exercise and activity down the road and hopefully in the long road avoid a knee replacements surgery. I’m only in the middle of the treatment so if I keep progressing the way I have been since the injections, I’d be delighted but as of now I’m quite happy.”

K. Walsh

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Medicastemcells regenerative stem cells clinic reviews

“Excellent. Consultant was very professional, knowledgeable and caring. Would recommend to family and friends.”

C. Halligan (59 years old)

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Medicastemcells regenerative stem cells clinic reviews

“I have being getting my knees and back injected for the last 12/13 yrs. Injection may last a week. I kept being told to hold on to my knees for as long as I could. I had no quality of life. My knees and back were affected due to a simple fall and my hip had to be replaced 10 years ago. I was in constant pain. No medication worked for me. I put on weight due to lack of exercise. I am twice my size now.. I heard about Medica Pain Management Clinic. I went to see it for a free consultation (though whether it was free or not, I was still going). I had my x ray a few days later and on last Friday 24th I had the treatment done. I know that it’s only a few days, but I have no pain since. I have taken it easy since Friday but I’m out today. Medica Pain Management staff, Amy, Lydia and Hannah could not have been nicer to me. I know it can take up to 6 months for full healing process, but worth it. I am so happy to have taken this step. I will be 60 in July and hopefully for me 60 will be the new 40. Thank you all once again for your care and attention.”

C. Browne

Medicastemcells regenerative stem cells clinic reviews

I came to Medica Stem Cells to have my hip done. The results were fantastic. I had cell treatment and PRP treatment. I now feel no pain. I am very happy.

Sean W

Medicastemcells regenerative stem cells clinic reviews

Caring and informative clinic. I am very happy with my results. I would recommend for anybody with joint pain or damage.

Daithí Ó L

Medicastemcells regenerative stem cells clinic reviews

I would recommend Medica Stem Cells if you have knee pain. They helped me sort my knee pain. Very good doctors and nurses. Aimee was great to deal with. Thanks to all the team.

S. Walsh

Medicastemcells regenerative stem cells clinic reviews

Very knowledgeable doctor and professional clinic. They are worth seeing before having an operation to see if they can treat your issue.

G. Lynch

Medicastemcells regenerative stem cells clinic reviews

“I was like a lot of people out there thinking this couldn’t work, but I’m proof it does work. I was in so much pain and discomfort, I couldn’t walk or sleep with the pain and on so many pain killers before I got my treatment. But now over four weeks later, I’m sleeping nearly all night and I’m walking with no pain and not taken any pain killers. The improvement in my knee is unbelievable and still getting stronger and better each day. I want to thank Medica Pain Management for giving me my life back and pain free. I am really glad I gave it a try.”

J. Ryan

Medicastemcells regenerative stem cells clinic reviews

“Got my heel injected 5 weeks ago for plantar fasciitis. I am starting to feel the results now and it feels great. 3 years I could not get to grips with this severe heel discomfort until now, highly recommend this treatment.”

Hardik Pithadia

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Medicastemcells regenerative stem cells clinic reviews

“Medica Pain Management – Just wanted to thank you for relieving me of my shoulder pain. I would like to share my story here so others can also benefit from PRP and Regenerative Cell treatments.

How I got injured?

I was putting on weights in the gym and my shoulder started clicking. After few weeks, I started feeling pain but ignored it as muscle pain that typically one experiences after workouts. After few more weeks, I finally observed that I wasn’t able to do shoulder exercises and the pain was excruciating when I moved my hand in a certain angle. This was somewhere in Nov 2018.

My initial approach for resolving my shoulder issue?

In the following months, I went to my GP and they gave me pain killers. I took them for a few weeks and it didn’t work.

I then requested them to get some scans done to understand if there was any major injury.

They gave me ultra sound scan appointments after two months which was quite annoying. The scan results showed that I had Minor tears in the shoulder tendons and bursitis.

NHS then recommended me shoulder specialist. By now, it was May 2019 and I was living with increasing pain and discomfort from months. I was starting to feel very annoyed. In my checkup with shoulder specialists he diagnosed the same issues and recommended me to a physio. Again the Physio’s appointment was after a month.

The physio gave me some exercises and told me to keep doing them for months. They told me generally my condition takes a few months to be healed and sometimes it also remains lifelong.

I was really frustrated by now as it was July 2019.

Enter Medica Pain Management 🙂

I finally came across an ad from Medica Pain Management and found their website and social media pages credible. I spoke to their expert on phone and booked an initial consultation somewhere in end of July.

Consultant explained me patiently what exactly my condition was and how they can treat it. They suggested MRI scans of my shoulder which happened the same day and saved so much of my time. The results were also instant and confirmed his earlier explanation.

I had my procedure in August and it hardly took 30 mins for the procedure without any major pain.

In the following weeks, I followed up with physio exercises and my shoulder felt much better. I still felt a little bit of pain on the from side of my shoulder and spoke to Consultant a few months later. They were kind to check my shoulder again and found that in the front part of my shoulder, the superspinatis was still inflamed. I was offered another PRP procedure at no extra cost.

The result by November 2019

I am completely pain free now and don’t know how best to thank this amazing team. I am posting this here so that you can reach out to me should you have any doubts and doing this willingly and not trying to sell them but PRP works and oh boy works so well.

My advice

So if you are struggling with joint pains, living with pain from years and have given up, please go to this team. They have treated more than 4500 joints with a success rate of 91% and I am glad to say I am one of them. For any questions, feel free to ping me.

Thank you @medicastemcells”

M. Murphy

Medicastemcells regenerative stem cells clinic reviews

“It is now five months since I had regenerative cell injections to both knees. The results are impressive. I have not had any pain after the first few days. I am exercising in the swimming pool three times a week and keeping active. I am hopeful that there will be further improvement over the next few months. My quality of life has improved greatly and I can now walk for over two miles without any problem. I would recommend this treatment.”

K. Hansford

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Medicastemcells regenerative stem cells clinic reviews

“I suffered with shoulder pains for 16 years due to a shoulder impingement, stopping me from competitive swimming and all sports I competed it.

I’ve struggled to brush my hair, carry anything slightly heavy, sleeping on my shoulder.. Even walking would be painful after a while due to the movement.

I was advised to have surgery to shave some bone to help the problem but this would not solve it just make it less painful if successful.

I had heard of cell treatments and was aware of the amazing benefits they have.. Then was lucky enough to find Medica Pain Management.

The team are all lovely and did a great job during consultation visit and the procedure.

1-2 weeks after the injections my shoulder was already feeling SOOOO much better..  I couldn’t believe how little pain I felt compared to the 16 years of it I had gotten used to.

I’m now 12 weeks on and am swimming again with no pain! .. I can brush my hair and even sleep on my shoulder now!

I’m so so grateful to all the team at Medica Pain Management .. Could not be happier with the results!

Honestly if you can have this treatment rather than surgery I highly recommend .. It’s less recovery time … less pain … and just simply so much better!

There’s nothing to lose and everything to gain 😁 ”

M. Hogan

Medicastemcells regenerative stem cells clinic reviews

“I came to Medica Pain Management because I had tendonitis in my hamstring and also shoulder tendonitis. I was taking a lot of painkillers for the pain. The pain was ongoing in my left hamstring for over 6 years. Doctor at Medica Pain Management told me he could help me and also help me avoid the need for an invasive surgery.

He gave me two injections into my hamstring and injected my shoulder too. I am able to do my strength work now again at the gym since he treated me. The injections were 10 months ago and I am feeling good. No more painkillers.”

M. O'Riordain

Medicastemcells regenerative stem cells clinic reviews