M. Murphy

Medicastemcells regenerative stem cells clinic reviews

I had my left knee treated with my own cells, in Medica Stem Cells, over a year ago. I had a meniscus tear and arthritis in it at the time. It was the best decision I made, the pain would wake me up a couple of times each night, but since I had the injection, I have not had any further pain. My knee gradually got stronger over a few months and so far doesn’t give me much trouble, only if I overdo it, it would be a little sore for a day or so. Obviously, I still have arthritis in the knee and its not perfect, but I am delighted with the progress.

The doctors and staff are very nice and keep in touch with me, with appointments that suit me and phone calls to see how I’m doing. If I have any problems or questions, they are only a phone call away!

K. Deery

Medicastemcells regenerative stem cells clinic reviews

Previously I saw a physiotherapist who gave me exercises to do, but I am working on my feet all day until 20:00 and I wasn’t able to do them.

Medica Stem Cells have now treated my knees. And there is a vast improvement. I can walk properly, and I can go up the steps. I am happy with the treatment and have been recommending it to my friends.

R. Dunne

Medicastemcells regenerative stem cells clinic reviews

Previously I had shoulder surgery, and I actually had two kinds of procedures, and I wasn’t happy with the result. And I have been looking online for alternative and regenerative medicines as I wanted to give that a go. Following the Medica Stem Cells treatment, I felt complete, like everything from getting into an actual consultation, injections, getting the physio and then nutrition. It was all very beneficial, so I was very happy with it all.

The main difference I am seeing at the moment is an increased function. It’s the first time in a while that I have actually thought that I will be able to get maybe not quite the 100% back but may be able to get back to a bit more normal function with shoulder, and playing sports again, and doing things that I would’ve been limited in the past. I am never on painkillers now. I am very happy with the treatment. And I absolutely recommend this to anyone who is suffering from shoulder pain.

S. Devine

Medicastemcells regenerative stem cells clinic reviews

From the moment I looked at Medica Stem Cells treatments, I had my consolation. And I knew I was in the right place to get my knee injury fixed. I felt confidant assured with the Doctor and excellent Physio sessions accompanied by a callback and updates of isometric exercise.

C. Boast

Medicastemcells regenerative stem cells clinic reviews

I had severe tennis elbow, and I couldn’t even turn a doorknob or lift boiled eggs off the cooker. After 6 physio sessions and two cortisone shots recommended by my doctor, nothing helped at all. I got onto Medica recommended by a friend. I had three PRP injections, and it has helped tenfold. And being a tradesman myself, I am so glad to be back at work pain free. The staff are wonderful and help out any way they can, even during these Covid times

C. Browne

Medicastemcells regenerative stem cells clinic reviews

I came to Medica because I had one knee replacement done, and I wanted to avoid having the other knee done. I had pain in my hip and arthritis in my toe too, and they were also very sore. I had cell treatment on the knee, hip and toe. I had all three done, and they are all perfect, and I have no pain whatsoever! I am absolutely delighted, and I am telling everyone about it.

P. Hughes

Medicastemcells regenerative stem cells clinic reviews

My experience with Medica Stem Cells was great. I am very happy. I have relief already after my first injection. The pain in the back of my knee is gone. I found the consultant very informative, and he was very nice. The clinic was really 100%, and I am very happy with the treatment. The experience was brilliant. I am recommending this clinic.

S. Kordahi

Medicastemcells regenerative stem cells clinic reviews

I had pain in my elbow for several weeks and could not get it healed with anti-inflammatory tablets, so I decided to try the plasma injection. Once I contacted the Medica Stem Cells clinic, they were very helpful and friendly. I got my appointment quickly, and my treatment was very good and painless. Thank you to all the team in the Medica Stem Cells clinic.

S. Colgan

Medicastemcells regenerative stem cells clinic reviews

I had both of my knees treated. It has really helped ease my pain and improved mobility, particularly in the right knee. I really notice how I don’t have the same pain anymore when I walk. I am very happy with the result. After a long journey in the car, I used to struggle to get out of the car, and that is no longer a problem for me.

K. Adams

Medicastemcells regenerative stem cells clinic reviews

I had PRP and cell therapy on my left ankle and knee three months ago. My ankle was extremely painful, and I would sometimes have to pause when standing in order for the pain to subside before I could bear my weight on the joint. Walking was painful, and this impacted my other joints. The Medica staff are amazing, always polite and professional and put me at ease for my treatments. The harvesting of platelets and cells is painless, and the injections are a little uncomfortable for maybe three seconds max. Today, three months post-treatment, I am on my treadmill every day for twenty minutes. I cannot speak highly enough of Dr Prantham and all the staff at Medica Stem Cells.

T. Holmes

Medicastemcells regenerative stem cells clinic reviews

I came to Medica Pain Management because I was in so much pain, and I needed relief. I was taking a lot of pain-killers before the treatment. Now I feel one hundred per cent better since the treatment. I’m in no pain at all. I’m not taking pain-killers anymore, and I’m sleeping much better.

I’m one hundred per cent happy with the treatment. It was well worth it!

Before the treatment, I couldn’t lift things over-head or hold items for too long, but now my shoulder is back to normal.

E. Allsop

Medicastemcells regenerative stem cells clinic reviews

I would highly recommend Medica Pain Management clinic.  I heard about it from a friend who also visited the clinic in Dublin.

I had a cell treatment done on my knee as I had a lot of pain in my leg and found walking short distances to be very painful, as well as walking up and down the stairs.  I had to wear a brace all the time and was generally finding going to work more and more difficult.  I was taking a lot of anti-inflammatories and pain killers (which I don’t really use anymore), and I was rubbing lots of creams and using ice on the area. It was very difficult to sleep at night.

I paid to go and see a private doctor to see if he could do anything for my knee. And when I went, he did more X-rays, and he basically said that there was nothing he could do. His advice was to wait until it got so bad that I couldn’t even walk anymore, and he would do a knee replacement, but I would not be eligible for a while as I was too young.

That’s when I decided to go for the cell treatment, and I’m so glad I did. I have to say it has worked absolutely brilliantly.

I just thought because my knee was so bad at that stage, nothing was really going to make a difference.

I can walk up the stairs now and go to work, and I can go for walks with very little to no pain. It’s absolutely great!

I used to try to go to the gym, and I could only use the bike that you kept your legs straight out ahead of you and cycle that way.

I couldn’t peddle as you would on an ordinary bike, because I couldn’t put my foot backwards to peddle, and now I can! I actually got myself an exercise bike for the house, and I can now use it properly.

I also used to find getting in and out of the car very difficult, trying to get my right leg in and out of the car. When I tried to bend my knee, I   couldn’t bed it enough to get it into the car. I literally had to physically put my seat as far back as it would go, and then I had to get in with my leg almost straight, and I don’t have to do that anymore.

I’m no longer taking any medication also, and the whole experience has been wonderful.

M. D. De Vera

Medicastemcells regenerative stem cells clinic reviews

I had cell treatment on my left hip last September and had great results and lots less pain now. Today I’m back for PRP on my right hip to help ease my pain and help me walk better. I’ll always come back to Medica Pain Management for any pain problems.

N. Crowley

Medicastemcells regenerative stem cells clinic reviews

My journey to Medica was for a second opinion, at 46 being told you need a knee replacement is a hard pill to swallow so I went to Medica for a second opinion.

Firstly my cartilages were too far damaged to be repaired, but a fisher crack was detected which was explaining the pain at the top of my patella, this was missed by my first consultant and I was told it was arthritis.

I’m am so glad I got a second opinion and look forward to being able to take the stairs and exercise pain free.

Andrew P

Medicastemcells regenerative stem cells clinic reviews

I had a bad pain in my shoulder for over 2 years. Went to see Medica clinic and after speaking to the doctor, decided to go ahead with the treatment. Few days after the treatment, I could feel a huge improvement in motion range. After 1 month, my pain was completely gone, could move my shoulder freely and resume training. Thank you all staff at Medica Stem Cells.

S. Cuffe

Medicastemcells regenerative stem cells clinic reviews

I recommend Medica Stem Cells to anyone suffering with bad pain and taking medication for it.

J. Tracey

Medicastemcells regenerative stem cells clinic reviews

I went to this Medica Stem Cells because I had a lot of pain in my left knee, and it had internal damage. I was on a lot of painkillers Solpadeine and Difene. On most of the days, I was finding it difficult to walk upstairs and putting pressure on my knee.

I went to Medica Stem Cells and had the treatment just over a year ago now. And since then I have been totally pain free, and I am just really delighted I had it done. It was well worth going through the procedure and the money I spent to have it done. I highly recommend Medica Stem Cells. Thank you very much.

P. Nagle

Medicastemcells regenerative stem cells clinic reviews

My treatment day at the clinic all went very smoothly. All staff and doctor were very nice and kind. Everything was explained clearly as it went along. All my treatment was finished in an hour and a half, and my overall experience was excellent.


Medicastemcells regenerative stem cells clinic reviews

I’m 35 years old male suffering from long-standing chondromalacia patellae in both knees. I found Medica Stem Cells online and decided to try this biological therapy. Honestly, I’ve had heard stem cells had been used with good results in the past years and sound promising trying it.

Clinic level of attention and care has been great since the beginning when I contacted them. Staff members and doctors have been available and always ready to respond to all my queries regarding the treatment and recovery process. They also linked me with the physiotherapy team familiar with this treatment to facilitate recovery.

It’s been only 2 weeks since treatment. Treatment is done in one day, in my case few hours. Frankly, it’s not pleasurable, and you feel a bit of pain when doing the bone marrow extraction, but it’s nothing if it does its work afterwards. It’s painful for a few seconds, but the staff really support you during the whole process very well.

At the moment I’m complying with physiotherapy. It’s still early days for me to assess how the treatment has worked on me. It takes a couple of months. Hopefully, everything goes well with my treatment, and more people benefit from this non invasive treatment.

Best wishes,


Azmna Desmoro

Medicastemcells regenerative stem cells clinic reviews

“I heard about the regenerative cell treatment through a search on the internet and the fact that this treatment was used in the States and Canada.
I found the Medica Pain Management site when searching for the treatment.
I felt it was worth a try as my knee was severely damaged and was unable to walk and very much in pain, which was very disgusting.
I got my treatment in July 2019, and the initial relief was good. The pain was greatly reduced and eight months down the road, I have been able to function and play my sport Golf. I walked on the golf course with a slight limp, and I do not take any pain killers.
I would have appreciated a little more support from similar patients for encouragement.
I did all my research for rehabilitation procedure myself.
After treatment follow up was very good, and the team responded very well to my needs and issues.
Kind regards,

Mrs K. Nwe

Medicastemcells regenerative stem cells clinic reviews

“I received treatment for my left knee. I couldn’t bend properly or go up the stairs. I received the treatment in London in May 2019. It is now 28 October 2019 and I have no pain and I am off all medication. No pain killers needed anymore. I was taking Co-codamol pain killers 4 times per day. After 1 month I completely stopped taking all pain killers.

It has been a great success for me, I am very thankful to Doctor and the team at Medica Pain Management. I don’t need knee replacement surgery now which I did not want to do. I am so happy with my regenerative treatment for knee.

I would advise anyone to come and do this treatment as it is amazing.”


Medicastemcells regenerative stem cells clinic reviews

“I came to Medica Pain Management because I had terrible pain in both my hips. I was diagnosed with arthritis in both of my hip joints. I had very limited range of movement in my hips and I was taking painkillers for the pain also.

Since I had my treatment I am feeling a huge improvement. I can move so much better and I am pain free. I no longer need to take painkillers. I am very happy with the results of the treatment that I had with Medica Pain Management. I would highly recommend anyone to go for this over getting a hip replacement!”

Rebecca G.

Medicastemcells regenerative stem cells clinic reviews

“I had my treatment only 1 month ago and I have noticed a huge improvement. I feel less pain and a huge increase in my range of movement. I now have much better flexibility in my hip. I am delighted! I can also sleep so much better and more comfortably and I have less stiffness getting in and out of bed in the morning!

It takes 6 months for the full regenerative effect to take place so I am looking forward to the future for even more progress with my hip.

The positive changes in my hip since having this treatment are remarkable. I also now no longer need to take all the pain killers I used to rely on.”

T. Burke

Medicastemcells regenerative stem cells clinic reviews

“I came to Medica Pain Management because I did not want to get a knee replacement. I had my right knee replaced and it was extremely painful and invasive. I had regenerative cell treatment on my right knee and it is now pain free! The treatment took two hours and it was very non-invasive.

Before I went for the treatment I was living on pain killers because the pain was unbearable in my left knee. I no longer need to take pain killers. I can get a full night’s sleep. I can walk pain free and cycle pain free. I am absolutely delighted. My mood has been lifted and I am very happy I did not go for the replacement and I would recommend everyone to choose this therapy.”

J. McKiernan

Medicastemcells regenerative stem cells clinic reviews

“I got my injection in February 5 months later I can honestly say my leg is great. I was advised to get an knee replacement by my surgeon I originally had my right knee replaced and was never happy and wanted to avoid getting a knee replacement .I was lucky to find Medica Pain Management and delighted to say my knee is great. After all the years of pain I’m walking pain free in my right leg the other leg I wish I’d heard about regenerative cells before I got it done. I am no longer taking pain killers and I am looking forward to completing the ring of Kerry cycle.”

S. Wilkins

Medicastemcells regenerative stem cells clinic reviews

“Had a wonderful experience with Medica Pain Management. They have wonderful staff and fantastic results after treatment to knee and neck. Can’t thank you all enough and will pop in again soon to say hello. So delighted I tried this and would certainly recommend this treatment to anyone especially as pain relief and surgery avoidance. Consultant is a fantastic Doctor and he makes you feel so comfortable. Emma is also brilliant.”


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Medicastemcells regenerative stem cells clinic reviews