The Next-Generation Regenerative Medicine for Musculoskeletal Disorders

GOLDIC Treatment - An Advanced Revolutionary Treatment For Joint Pain

Despite having many treatment modalities, our search for new therapies continues. What’s the reason? Each treatment is associated with certain complications. Our body is an incredible self-healing machine. However, factors such as stress, modern lifestyle, work regimes and environmental pollution have overwhelmed our self-healing mechanism. At Medica Stem Cells Clinic, we believe in finding novel therapies to facilitate quicker self-healing. And here comes that novel therapy in the form of GOLDIC – originated in Germany. 

GOLDIC is a next-generation technology that uses the patient’s own blood with specially designed gold particles. This unique form of personalised medicine offers complication-free treatment in the endogenous system. It supports the physicians to treat degenerative diseases and stimulates the body’s own regeneration. Hence, it links to the concept of ‘Intelligent Tissue Regeneration’ (ITR).

GOLDIC therapy aims to restore the natural joint function and eliminate the pain associated with joint ailmentsIt acts as a healing booster to speed up the recovery and provide faster pain relief.

Gold is the earliest form of medicine used for centuries to treat physical, mental and spiritual diseases. Since gold has anti-inflammatory properties, it has been successfully used in the rheumatology field. However, gold has serious side effects like allergy, renal, oral or skin mucosal complications. Hence, these issues led to an urgent interruption of gold therapy.

Recently, scientists introduced a technology named GOLDIC (Gold Induced Cytokines) to evade the onset of these side effects. The GOLDIC therapy develops contact between specially designed gold particles with the endogenous blood cells outside the body. This process enhances active substances such as growth factors, cytokines and proteins, especially ‘Gelsolin’. Gelsolin is a key protein responsible for cell structure, regulation and metabolism. Hence, the significant production of gelsolin promotes inflammation and reduces side effects [1].

Moreover, gelsolin plays a significant role in the differentiation of stem cells into cartilage [2]. Once the serum gets enhanced due to gelsolin production, it is injected into the affected area to accelerate recovery. Even the gelsolin-mediated stem cell activation can work as a new approach to activate the body’s natural repair mechanism [3].

GOLDIC injections are a personalised Regenerative Medicine treatment that stimulates the bodies regenerative abilities. GOLDIC treatment

  • Reduces pain, inflammation and swelling
  • Restores mobility
  • Repairs and regenerates damaged tissues
  • Activates the body’s self-healing mechanism

The GOLDIC therapy can help in treating the following conditions such as

Several research articles have been published to prove the efficacy of GOLDIC:

  • Dr Sergio Nicolas Sardon Melo and his colleagues published a case study in the year 2020. They performed GOLDIC therapy on an Olympic equestrian with plantar fasciitis. The patient showed a significant improvement in pain and function. After eight weeks, he was able to return to sports activities without any limitation. Hence, GOLDIC therapy proves to be safe and efficacious [4].
  • In a 2021 research paper, Dr Ulrich Schneider and his colleagues evaluated the safety and efficacy of GOLDIC therapy in patients with moderate to severe knee osteoarthritis. The researchers found that GOLDIC treatment delivers quick and continuous improvement with no severe side effects [5].

On the day of your appointment, you will be seen by one of our highly trained Orthopaedic Surgeons to assess your condition and confirm the most suitable treatment options for you.

A typical treatment with GOLDIC starts with taking a sample of your venous blood.

The serum processing is the most crucial step. The blood is prepared into specially designed tubes containing gold particles and incubated for 24 hours and afterwards centrifuged to separate the concentrated serum from the other blood cells, platelets and gold particles.

Lastly, the concentrated serum is injected into the affected area using ultrasound image guidance.

The remaining serum is stored at the clinic until your next treatment. One GOLDIC treatment usually consists of four treatment sessions (enhanced serum injections) over 2 to 4 weeks.

Surgery is not always necessary. GOLDIC therapy may be a great alternative. It can be either administered as a standalone service or in combination with other treatments. However, only your physician can recommend the right customised therapy depending on the severity of your problem. But, don’t forget to enquire your physician about the novel GOLDIC therapy.

At present, GOLDIC treatment is available in our Dubai Clinic only. Give us a call on +971 54 583 7070 or alternatively book a consultation online or request a call back to see how we can help you!

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