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O. Hogan

‘’I’m 73 and on 27th of November I got stem cell treatment on my hip, instead of a hip replacement. Since having this treatment, I do not need to take any pain killers for pain. I’m back swimming and doing aerobic classes. I’m back walking 10 thousand steps a day. I’m feeling very good in myself. Before this treatment I was limited in my daily activities such as sleep, walking, bending over, this is not the case anymore. I have recommended stem cell treatment to others. Adding Dr Gehad is a lovely, honest, very polite man and easy to speak to. ‘’

Patient testimonial

“In 2012 after having an arthroscopy on my left knee and told I needed a knee replacement but was too young, I was more or less left in constant pain. While I understood the reasons given for not wanting to do the replacement at 49 yrs. old it did not auger well. For the next few years I got through the pain with the help of pain killers and anti-inflammatory medication. In the summer of 2018 a chance meeting with a friend led me to Medica Stem Cells and Dr. Gehad.

After a consultation and MRI, I had my procedure at Medica Stem cells done in 2018.

After three days the constant pain had subsided and after three months I am back walking.

I would highly recommend having this procedure. I advise that you take heed of all the advice that Dr. Gehad gives and take things easy even if you feel instant pain relief. I am no longer walking with a limp and feel my knee getting stronger each day.

A big thank you to all the staff at Medical stem cells. All so friendly and helpful.

Patient testimonial

“I saw Dr. Gehad and after a long conversation I decided to go ahead with the Regenerative treatment.

I was put very much as ease by Aimee on arrival. I asked everything I needed to & because of an accident in 1997 where I had upper body injuries when my knee swelled up & pain was vicious my GP after a few months of medication referred me to a Orthopaedic consultant who did an Arthroscopy.  It was successful for some time, but I had been told within 2 years I would need a knee replacement.  This scared me as I knew my other injuries would make it a hard recovery.

After my treatment was done I was told to rest but with exercises & shown how to walk when necessary.. By Day 8 pain had reduced considerably & by day 10  I was pain free. I used a small pedalling device 3 times a day as I had no muscle in upper thigh & exercises I was shown.

I returned for my second appointment and Dr. Gehad was delighted with my movement. My knee swelled one day & I did not take anti-inflammatory medication as was instructed. It left again.

I am finally sleeping which was impossible to do with the violent pain the last year. I am finally able to move around without pain.

I only wish all pain could be helped in this way.

Patient testimonial

“Having been told in 2012 that I required two full knee replacements due to “wear & tear” and that the situation was “bone on bone” I started to research alternative methods of treatment as I knew a lot of people who had severe problems following knee surgery. I discovered that in USA Stem Cell therapy was getting popular and then found one clinic in London doing this. I then, to my delight, found that Medica Stem Cells was up and running and providing Regenerative Therapies. My wife & I drove the 6 hours to Cork from our home in Groomsport in June 2018, stayed in a nice Hotel and found the Clinic the next morning. It was there that I first met Dr Gehad El Bastawisy and I was immediately impressed by his knowledge of my condition. He reviewed MRI scans which I had brought with me and confirmed that he felt that I was a suitable candidate for Regenerative Therapy and he went over the procedure very carefully with both of us. He asked when I wanted to have it done & I indicated that I had not driven all that way for a chat! He smiled, looked at his watch and suggested 2pm (my kind of Doctor).
The only painful bit of the procedure was having the bone marrow removed but no pain – no gain! Got injected into my knees & I walked out half an hour later.
I had been warned by Dr Gehad that the first few days could be painful but that did not transpire and I feel the procedure has helped me. I had to restrict dog walking, gardening, long walks and stairs for one month but am now back to walking several miles every day and back to badminton.
I went for my 3 months review and he felt that both knees had progressed but the left one (the worse one of the two) had not come as far as he would like. He immediately offered to do both knees again free of charge which impressed me as I had signed a form stating that nothing was guaranteed. He assured me that even though he was very busy he would slot me in when it suited me, if I wanted to avail of his offer.
The second procedure was about the same pain-wise as the initial one but got the impression that Dr Gehad was determined to get as much into my knees as possible.
I had a review on November 2018 and Dr Gehad seemed very pleased with my progress. He said that I was not available for selection against the All Blacks this Saturday but that I could build up the walking to about 5 miles a day and could gradually resume the badminton. I was delighted with this progress.
All of Dr Gehad’s staff and assistants were very courteous, friendly and helpful and nothing is too much trouble for them. My own GP has also been written to with the results of the procedure.
I would encourage anyone in my situation to seriously consider the Regenerative route as there are many advantages : no chance of infection, no chance of rejection, off your feet very little time and cost effective to name but some.”

Patient testimonial

“I have had problems with both my knees for at least 5 or 6 years now. I had an arthroscopy on one knee plus the fact that I have had arthritis in both knees and was told that I would need knee replacements within 3/4 years or there about.
I saw Medica Stem Cells advertise online and I said this looks good and makes more sense to give it a try rather than having two knee replacements which may or may not be a success. So I’ve had both knees injected with Medica Stem Cells about 5/6 weeks ago respectively and as instructed, I took it easy for the first month afterwards and I have been doing quite a bit of activity over last week, ten days.
Certainly I have noticed a big improvement, no pain in one knee and very little in the other so I’m hoping that as time progresses I will be able to do more exercise and activity down the road and hopefully in the long road avoid a knee replacements surgery.
I’m only in the middle of the treatment so if I keep progressing the way I have been since the injections, I’d be delighted but as of now I’m quite happy.”

C. Halligan

Facebook Reviews

“I have being getting my knees and back injected for the last 12/13 yrs. Injection may last a week. I kept being told to hold on to my knees for as long as I could. I had no quality of life. My knees and back were affected due to a simple fall and my hip had to be replaced 10 years ago. I was in constant pain. No medication worked for me. I put on weight due to lack of exercise. I am twice my size now.. I heard about Dr. Gehad in the Elysian Clinic. I went to see him for a free consultation (though whether it was free or not, I was still going) I had my x ray a few days later and on last Friday 24th i had the treatment done. I know that it’s only a few days but I have no pain since. I have taken it easy since Friday but I’m out today. Dr. Gehad is such a pleasant gentleman, his staff, Amy, Lydia and Hannah could not have been nicer to me. I know it can take up to 6 months for full healing process, but worth it. I am so happy to have taken this step. I will be 60 in July and hopefully for me 60 will be the new 40. Thank you all once again for your care and attention.

J. Ali

“I had stem cell therapy on January 23rd 2019 for my arthritic hip, and five weeks later I really felt the benefit. I need little or no analgesia and day by day my mobility is improving. I found the whole experience very good, the staff and medical practitioners were very professional”

C. Martin

“After suffering severe pain in the ball my left foot after prolonged standing and walking on it. I decided to see a consultant . His diagnosis was I had a form of arthritis nothing can be done and keep taking diaphene and don’t be shy about it. This was no solution to my problem. I then heard about Medica in Cork and decided to make an appointment. I was booked in for my treatment in early December and now almost 2 months later. The results are wonderful. I am now complete a 5 hour hill walk without excruciating pain. I still have a way to go. I am confident this will be achievable in the next two months.

Thank you Medics and Dr Gehad.

You have offered solution where the consultants could only offer medication.”

G. Kennedy

“I came to see Dr Gehad because I had severe pain in my right hip. I struggled to do every day things and golfing was also difficult for me. After 14 holes of golfing I would always be limping for the last 4 holes. I also could not sleep on my right side with the pain in my hip. I took difene regularly to help with the pain. I had treatment on my right hip 6 weeks ago and I am now pain free. I no longer take pain killers. I can sleep at night on the right side now with no pain and I can do 18  holes of golf with no limp and no pain. I am very happy to date.”

J. McDonnell

“I went for a consultation with Medica Stem Cells in 2018 as a friend recommended this treatment to me. I had problems with both of my knees as they were very painful and I wanted to avoid possible knees replacements for both knees. My knees were very painful when I walked and if I was standing in one area for long periods of time it would also be painful. I was injected in both knees and it is now 6 weeks on and I can walk pain free and can stand for long periods of time without pain. I am now a lot more mobile since I received the treatment. It is early days yet but I am very happy with the treatment I received from Medica Stem Cells clinic as the treatment has worked for me.”


“I’m Mary an avid Gardner & dog walker. Since January l couldn’t keel to weed. Left knee worse. ELODIE & IVY’S outings became shorter. It was disappointing for all of us. My Physiotherapist introduced me to Dr Gehad. After an almost painless procedure l walked out of his surgery with flexible knees. I followed his instructions. Got bones from my friendly Midleton butcher..Drank the soup. Took it easy for about three weeks and then, wow! did we walk, run, throw sticks…Happy campers again. Weeds & nettles, chin high, were cheerfully masacred. I’m 72 and now I certainly do not feel it !
Last week l called to sincerely thank Dr.Gehad. l mentioned l couldn’t move raise my right arm for some weeks. Tennis Elbow. There & then one shot of PRP & his magic potent and all was right. Just as well ’cause only being allowed use minimum water on pot plants, the watering can is being used again. So, thanks Dr Gehad. You are only brilliant. As well as being a genius you are kind, cheerful and full of fun.”

Patient testimonial

“I went to a consultation with Doctor Gehad on the 30th of August 2018 with astute pain which I had since 2009 in my left knee. Since 2014 have been taking a lot of anti-inflammatory tablets. The pain has got so much worse in fact very severe, so much so I found walking and climbing stairs very difficult. So by the time I met with Doctor Gehad I was suffering so much. Upon my visit with Doctor Gehad, he said I was a suitable candidate for treatment and an appointment was made for September 2018. Doctor Gehad made me feel totally at ease. The procedure took approximately 50 minutes. He advised me to rest for 2 weeks within that period of time the pain had stopped. I was surprised how quickly I recovered. I am now back to my swimming and able to take my dogs out walking a very big thank you to Doctor Gehad and all his team. I have not felt as good in a long time. I would highly recommend Medica Stem Cells. Thank you once again for all the assistance and care.”

G. McDonald

“I went for regenerative treatment for arthritis in May as I had severe lower back pain. Within a week I saw a huge improvement the constant pain and tiredness had subsided. I am now 6 weeks in and improving further… I am finally getting my life back. I am practically pain free. I would recommend Gehad and the treatment as there is no medication involved and he uses your own cells.”

J. O'Sullivan

Facebook Reviews

“I had my treatment this morning . I was put at ease from.the moment I arrived by Amy the consultant’s assistant. such a lovely girl. Amy made me very welcomed with her warm personality . I was then introduced to the consultant and found that he was such a nice man who put me at ease and answered any questions I had. I knew this was the procedure for me as I could go back to my daily life after procedure and i found the consultant to be ever so nice. and genuine and easy to talk to. The procedure took 40 minutes I had both my knees treated. . it was over before I realised and the consultant made sure I was comfortable at all times . Thank you so much to the consultant his assistant and the lovely Amy . Now it’s recovery time no open surgery no crutches. .Thank you again to a very professional consultant and his team.”

T. Murphy

Facebook Reviews

“I had my first treatment done here today and couldn’t recommend it enough… looking forward to coming back in a few weeks the staff were so nice and I felt at ease as soon as I got there.

D. Lynch

“I went to Gehad the end of January 2018. I was suffering terrible with a torn meniscus in my right knee and had a failed ACL operation from the previous year. I was told by doctors in Dublin that more surgery would be my only option. After a quick consultation with Gehad, he told me what could and couldn’t be done with the knee. And he was very direct. I decided to go ahead with treatment in February 2018.
This took under one hour in total and I had little or no pain what so ever.
It’s now 5 months down the road and I am walking and running pain free!
And although procedure could not fix my ACL, it did fix the problem regarding my meniscus and I am now living pain free.
I would like to thank Gehad and the staff at Medica stem cell clinic for all the help regarding my procedure and the follow up calls and after care.”

L. Hope

“Already seeing results from my vampire facial done by @medicastemcells. This is totally natural and has so many benefits. It is great for minimizing pores, acne scars, crows feet, fine lines and wrinkles. Since having it done I feel I have a natural glow and my skin looks smoother. For any info get in touch with @medicastemcells brilliant team that made me feel at ease.”

C. Maguire

“The procedure was virtually painless, done very efficiently noticed results within first week and each week improving almost pain free at week four. Staff very friendly and efficient would recommend to any on my situation 100% happy with decision money well spent

Thank You

C. Maguire”

D. O'Connell

Knee Pain & Loss of Cartilage & Facing Knee Replacement Surgery

“I’ve had injections to both knees and am delighted with the results. Before the injection I had severe pain in both knees after many years of training and football injuries I thought I was facing surgery and possible knee replacements. After 3 months I am back exercising and am pain free for the first time in 10 years.

Thanks, D. O’Connell”


Two Knee Pains & Meniscal Tear & Arthritis

“So as  a tiler I was in a  lot of pain with my knees. And was become unbearable to work. Walking any long distance was not an option. And walking down stairs was a hugh effort. Since my injecton this has greatly improved. I’m back to work a few days and am pain free. And walking down stairs has become normal again.

Thanks, T. Hyland “

P. Collins

“I came to Medica Stem Cells when my friend highly recommended them to me. I had a stroke 8 years ago and I had terrible neck and shoulder pain. I had my treatment with Dr.Gehad  3 months ago and I now feel fantastic. I was taking pain killers on a very regular basis and now I am pain free and I do not need to take any pain killers. The treatment was 100% successful. Everybody was very pleasant. Dr.Gehad was a gentleman and very nice to deal. Regards, P. Collins”

C. Wieneke

“My shoulder is feeling great for the first time in years. Working as a Healthcare assistant in a very physical work environment I put my shoulder out about 4 years ago. I had pain symptoms that would cause me to wake up almost every night and often miss Work. I tried Physio, massage, steroid injections you name it all to no avail. I began to give up until I was approached by Dr. Bastawisy in Medica Stem Cell clinic. After a quick and painless procedure in a very professional manner I have never felt better, I’m three months on now and sleeping well and feeling great! I could not recommend highly enough.”


“After an unfortunate incident 2 years ago I sustained a substantial soft tissue injury to my left foot/ankle. Then 14 months ago I sustained to the same foot a fractured bone from a work related fall. Up until February this year I walked with a limp and a lot of pain.
I went to medica stem cell under the care of dr Gehad for treatment.
I now walk with no limp and 90-95% pain free. My foot doesn’t swell now either. Iam 100% happy with these results and the care I have received.”

G. Crowe

“To Medica Stem Cells,

My Name is George Crowe and I am 72 years old and living in Cavan. I received treatment in Medica Stem Cells on 25 November 2017. I have bad circulation in my legs and intermittent claudication. I couldn’t walk longer than 5 minutes and have to stop due to pain in muscles in my legs. I bed my feet was always very cold in bed also.

After getting treatment at Medica Stem Cells in the Cork clinic my feet started to feel warmer in bed within a few days and 6 weeks after the treatment I could walk for 30 minutes non-stop. I also start to feel generally healthier 4 weeks after the treatment.

I would recommend Medica Stem Cells for any people with problems with peripheral vascular diseases. The doctor was very professional and they contacted me every week after the treatment to follow up on my condition. Very professional service from start to finish. I have went all over the country to hospitals and doctors to try and get my condition addressed and could not get cured. I cannot believe that this regenerative treatment cured me.

Thanks to the Medica Stem Cells team.
G. Crowe”

A. O'Connor

“I came to Medica Stem Cells because I was told I needed a knee replacement and that I did not want to do. I wanted to avoid a knee replacement. I went for a consultation with the Doctor in Medica Stem Cells and I had injections in my knee on the 9th of June and I am now pain free and I am no longer taking medication. I was previously relying heavily on Ibuprofen and now I take nothing. No painkillers are needed anymore.

Simple everyday things like Walking up and down the stairs and getting in and out of the car was a big struggle for me before I had my stem cell treatment. I had to watch what I was doing all the time. I am no longer conscious of that. I can bend my knees now and I am back walking pain free. I did a 7 and a half mile walk with my friend last week with total ease and I walk 4 miles every day with my dogs. Before When I would take the dogs for a walk I would be dragging my leg and be in pain after the first half hour.

I did a Zumba class last week and I had absolutely no problems. I can also drive long distances now with no struggle at all. Before after a long distance drive I would be stiff and find it hard to walk and now I have my life back.  I’m back in the gym now again and since I went back I have found my whole leg is much stronger.

I am looking forward to walking the Kimono on the 29th of Sept.”

N. Sheehab

“To Dr. Gehad,
I received treatment for Tendo Achilles Tendnopathy at Medica Stem Cells in Cork on the 25th November 2017 with Dr. Gehad El Bastawisy. My ankle was given me a lot of pain for 3 years. After 3 days after receiving stem cell treatment I had no more pain in my ankle and I could walk without limping.

I would recommend the services of Medica Stem cells. It was amazing and brilliant treatment. I am delighted.

N. Sheehab”


Facebook Reviews

“My husband Oscar went to the clinic for stem cell treatment on his knee 2 days !!! before he was due to go for knee replacement surgery – he couldn’t sleep , was on huge medications & in constant constant pain . We went in and in about 3 hours walked out again – FINISHED . He’s had no pain hardly & he is walking around , still tender if he turns the wrong way on his knee but its only been 2 months , apparently it takes 6 months to totally re – generate the cartilage . But he is totally pain free & very very happy he went .
Very professional people who are interested & concerned on how he is progressing – I intend to book straight away fro anti aging treatment – if thats what they can do for people in severe pain my wrinkles should be no problem.

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