Naturopathic Nutrition

As part of our tailer made treatment programme we also place an emphasis on the patients nutrition.
Our Nutritionists have put together in-house booklets, which will be given to our patients in the clinic to assist you with your path to naturopathic nutrition.
What is Naturopathic Nutrition?

The practise of clinical nutrition and naturopathy approaches the prevention and treatment of disease through a multidimensional and holistic view. This involves taking into account all aspects of a person’s life that affect their health.

The practice of Naturopathy

Nature is both perfectly balanced and intelligently organised to create, maintain, repair and destroy matter synchronously. The body also has its own intuitive and sophisticated healing mechanisms. The use of nature’s healing agents – air, earth, water and sun – in combination with a clean diet, exercise, sufficient sleep, relaxation, meditation and an optimistic attitude influence and support the body’s innate healing ability.

Underlying this principle is the fundamental understanding that every disease must have a cause. In order for health to be restored and optimised, the cause or causes of the disease state must be identified and eliminated.

Health and illness are the result of a complicated interplay of physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, social, family and occupational factors. If all aspects of health are not taken into account, the complexity of the human being is fundamentally ignored.

The naturopath’s role is to facilitate the body’s natural ability to heal and if this approach underpins practice, then harmless practice will be a direct result. Naturopathic practice that respects the principle of harm­ free treatment is traditionally non­invasive and avoids the suppression of symptoms and the prescription of harmful doses of medicine.

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