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IV Cell Therapy

IVcell therapy, also known as IVcell rejuvenation or infusion, can have many positive effects on the body. An important distinction must be made betweencell infusions andcell injections. For injections,cells are placed directly at a specific area of the body; as an example, if a patient is suffering from knee pain, thecell treatment would be applied directly to the knee of the patient in need. This direct method can be very effective towards acute needs; however, if a patient needs treatment on a larger scale, then an IVcell infusions may be a preferable option. An IVcell therapy utilises intravenous methods to delivercells directly to the body and allows for the cells to be distributed throughout the process. This is particularly useful where one cannot simply inject into the affected area where it is needed the most. IVcell treatments help to create a body wide change, rather than only needing to affect one area. With IVcell therapy, your entire body will be regenerated with freshcells.

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