Hamstring Injury & Regenerative Therapy


Hamstring Injury is a common injury in sprinting sports such as soccer, rugby, basketball or running, usually as a result of muscle overload, however, age of the player and poor warm up also play a role.

Anatomically the hamstring is a group of 3 muscles.

Injury can vary from a pull, partial tear to complete tear and accordingly it’s graded into 3 grades and recovery may take from 1 week to 12 weeks depending on the grade of injury. Complete tears (grade 3) may need early surgical intervention.

Hamstring strains are painful and in severe injuries require prolonged rest and rehabilitation which disrupts training programs of athletes. Regenerative Treatment has shown promising results in speeding recovery time in the least invasive and most natural way. This is a same day procedure that involves injecting your own stem cells in the injured muscle to promote self-repair and control inflammation & pain.


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