When is the Best Time for Regenerative Cell Treatment

The best time for Regenerative Cell Treatment is now. Why wait?  It will only prolong your pain.  Have you been suffering with pain for many years? It is still not too late.

Is there a best time to have Regenerative Cell Treatment?

We can help with most musculoskeletal conditions for example osteoarthritis grade 1-4 of all major joints as well as back and neck. The question you might ask yourself though is when is the best time to start treatment?

There are multiple factors which influence the best time to start treatment. There are 4 stages of osteoarthritis with grade 4 being the most severe. Unfortunately, most patients we see leave it quite late to get treated, which can affect the overall outcome. While still good results can be achieved it is best to address degeneration of a joint early, adhering to the principle that prevention is better than cure.

I have had symptoms and pain for many years. Is it too late to have Regenerative Cell Treatment?

Have you been recently diagnosed with a condition or been injured? This might be the best time to consider Regenerative Cell Treatment. Why wait?  It will only prolong your pain and might cause further damage down the line.  On the other hand if you have been suffering for more than 5, 10 or 15 years it is not too late. Regenerative medicine focuses more on the severity of the disease and your symptoms rather than the duration. In line with other treatments Regenerative Cell Therapy is likely to be more effective when the disease or injury is less severe, but that does not mean that great results cannot be achieved in patients with more severe and chronic conditions. Each patient is an individual and reacts differently and has different reasons and goals for undergoing Regenerative Cell Treatment. If you are ready to make a change and want to reduce your level of pain and increase your level of activity Regenerative Cell Treatment might be an alternative option for you.

Do I need to have time off following Regenerative Cell Treatment?

Generally very little, there might be some swelling and pain at the site of injection which should settle after 2-4 days on average. You need to avoid standing and walking for long periods of time for the first 2 weeks. But after 2 weeks you can start low impact exercises such as swimming, and cycling. After 3 -4 months you can participate in any type of sports again depending on your age and other factors prior to coming to us.

What are other factors to consider if I want to be treated with Regenerative Cell Treatment?

  • Regenerative Cell Treatment is not usually covered by your medical insurance.
  • We need to have imaging of your affected joints either an MRI scan, X-Ray or Ultrasound scan.
  • Non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory medicine might interfere with the Regenerative Cell Treatment and need to be stopped at least 1 week prior to the procedure and for 2 months thereafter.
  • Certain patients are not suitable for Regenerative Cell Therapy such as someone undergoing chemotherapy or if the joint, you are looking to treat, has been replaced.
If you believe you or someone you care about could benefit from Regenerative Therapy, please contact us!


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