Regenerative Therapy Helping Chronic Pain


It is estimated that at least more than a 100 million people suffer from chronic pain worldwide, whether it be back pain or joint pain due to arthritis. To the patient it is not only debilitating physically but also mentally and psychologically affecting every aspect of the normal daily life activities. On a Country level, billions of annual productivity may be lost with significant economic impact due to absenteeism, interruption or discontinuation of work all as a direct result of chronic pain.

Pain is a direct and normal manifestation of the inflammatory response which is an effort by the body to repair and heal any damage but instead, in some, it results in more damage, progressively amounting to the pain becoming chronic.

Anti-inflammatory drugs, as the name indicate, work on suppressing the inflammation but they cannot repair the damage and this is where Regenerative Therapy with its different modules come into play. In addition to having anti-inflammatory effects, this treatment promotes have the ability to promote damage repair in the musculoskeletal system (joints/muscles/tendons/ligaments) therefore naturally controlling the pain.


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